We supply the majority of our papers as A4.
If you want any of the papers below cut to a particular size we will be happy to do this for you Free of Charge.
Simply order the paper and tell us in the "Special Instructions" what way you want it cut.

All our White, Ivory & Cream papers, also available in heavier card, ideal for all occasions.
Rusticus- A4 95g   White  Ivory  Cream   Zerkall - 100g White  Cream
Rusticus - A4 140g   White  Ivory  Cream Zerkall - 225g White  Cream
Rusticus - A4 200g White  Ivory  Cream   Marina - 90g White  Natural
Rusticus - A4 280g White  Ivory  Cream Marina - 175g White  Natural
Rusticus - A3 200g White  Ivory eco Carbon Neutral - 100g Ivory  Cream 
Rusticus - A3 95g White  Ivory eco Carbon Neutral- 220g Ivory  Cream 
Colorplan - 270g White  Ivory  Cream   
Stockwell - A3 130g Ivory     
Stockwell - A4 130g Ivory    
Stockwell - A4 200g Ivory    
Colorplan A4 Paper, Smooth & Chord
European machine-made matt colour paper and card. Matching envelopes available for most colours.
Colorplan - 135g   Bokhara_Red  Scarlet-Red  Bright-Red  Candy-Pink  Burnt_Orange  Citrine-Yellow  Pistachio  Forest_Green  Imperial_Blue  Sapphire  Azure-Blue  Lavender  Baghdad-Brown  Ebony_Black  Mist
Colorplan - 175g   Bokhara_Red  Scarlet-Red  Bright-Red  Candy-Pink  Burnt_Orange  Citrine-Yellow  Pistachio  Forest_Green  Imperial_Blue  Sapphire  Azure-Blue  Lavender-Lilac  Baghdad-Brown  Ebony_Black  Mist
Colorplan - 270g   White  Ivory  Cream  Bokhara_Red  Scarlet-Red  Bright-Red  Candy-Pink  Forest_Green  Imperial_Blue  Imperial_Blue  Azure-Blue  Lavender  Mist  Ebony_Black  Mist Mist Mist Mist Mist

Colorplan 270g Cord   olive  black  choc  ivory  latte  red  pink 
Our striking translucent papers, available in a variety of colours. Excellent for overlaying invitations.
Cromatico - 100g   Vermillion_Red  Azalea  Mango  Yellow  Gold  Ivory  White  Turquoise  Light_Blue  Black  Silver  
Trace - 90g White
Trace - 160g White
Sparkling metallic card in a wide range of colours. Some papers available in lighter paper for printing.
Stardream - 120g   Opal
Stardream - 285g   Opal  Gold  Copper  Bronze  Burgundy  Silver Silver Silver
Pearlescent - 300g   Silver
Curious - 120g White
Curious - 300g White  Gold
Ornamental, Japanese & Linen

Floral, heavy-textured and ornamental papers ideal for backing and special invitation making.

A large range of lightweight Japanese and Asian papers that make invitations really special.
Hakuryu - 7.5g.   White Matsuyuki - 16g White
Tenryu - 70g White
Silk & Lokta
Lightweight papers made from Lokta and SAA, perfect for overlays, backing invitations or wraps.
A large range of lightweight Japanese and Asian papers that make invitations really special.
eco  Thai Silk - 25g   Burgundy  Antique_Green  Aubergine  Azalea  Brown  Dark_Blue  Light_Blue  Lilac  Moss  Ivory    Red  Sienna  Spring_Green  Ebony-Black  Pink  Pink  Pink  Pink  Pink  Pink
eco  Royal Thai Silk - 25g Aubergine_Gold  White_Gold  Burgundy_Gold  
Hearts - 25g White
Screenprinted Paper

A large range of lightweight screenprinted papers that make invitations really special.
Japanese Screenprint



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