Daintree is an ever evolving business created many years ago from a love of handmade and artist’s papers sourced worldwide. The papers were loved by all in the design and art world.

The talented people working at Daintree all had a love for the unique and beautiful. A creative staff member had the idea to create wedding stationery from the handmade paper. Daintree also produced some beautiful letterpress work in partnership with the Irish Print Museum. And so began Daintree’s transition from artist paper shop to Wedding Stationery store. The Daintree shop spent many years gaining an excellent reputation for it's unique and quality products in the Wedding stationery and crafting area.

Most recently Daintree has decided to refocus on the DIY aspect of the business selling DIY Materials online, Paper and envelopes. Our highest priority is to consistently provide our customers with a quality and a beautiful product.


Daintree paper was bought by the Barron brothers in 2014. The brothers own a large paper company supplying paper to print houses all over Ireland. The Barron brothers had an interest in developing a special events range of paper and so when Daintree became available for sale it was a natural step for the brothers to take. Running a paper business the brothers are conscious of the need to recycle tying in with the ethos of Daintree.

Daintree paper has a great reputation in the wedding area and so it was only natural to team up with Rothco advertising agency in terms of promoting the 'yes' campaign to obtain marriage equality for all. This award winning marketing campaign called ‘A shred of Decency’ took all the negative propaganda from the No campaign and shredded it to make confetti, raising funds for the 'Yes' campaign. Whilst Daintree is not overly political this was a campaign the Barron brothers wanted to take part in with great results.




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Our customers place a great deal of trust in our brand; a wedding day is such an important and special day. The Daintree Team love hearing feedback from our customers, so don't be shy and tell us what you think. Send us in your DIY projects for our Blog!